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POQA: Oil Pressed from ripe Olives (Logo)

The Brand Poqa:
Poqa is an extra virgin olive oil of superior quality offered in an elegant, luxurious, customizable packaging. It is an award-winning premium olive oil that totally represents Greek tradition. The authenticity of the olive oil in combination with nature’s complex aromas, make its taste really special. Poqa stands out from all luxury olive oils.

The design and the customization features of Poqa make it an exceptional gift for any occasion, an everlasting present with the unique identity.

Its presence in luxury malls, gourmet delicatessen stores and distinguished hotels and restaurants confirm that “Poqa” is indeed, the name for luxury in extra virgin olive oil.  

Since prehistoric times, olive oil was used to cover different needs. In the Homeric times, olive oil was mainly used as an ointment and not for food or fuel. Aristotle described the cultivation of olives as a science, Homer called the olive oil "liquid gold", Plato taught under the shadow of olive trees and Hippocrates used olive oil as medicine for about 60 different diseases calling it a "great healer".

By reading the word po-qa (fovri/fovras) in Linear B plaques, we see that olive oil was used in everyday life, religious ceremonies, trade and crafts (perfumery, tanning, weaving, etc.). For the first time, a clear distinction is made among the olive tree, the olive oil and the olive fruit. The latter is attributed with a three petal flower. Scribes of the time used, therefore, three different ideograms, one of which is our company’s logo.


Poqa: Oil Pressed from ripe Olives

Everlasting Gift:
Poqa is more than an olive oil of exceptional quality; it is a unique item of astonishing beauty. A customizable gift that is packaged inside a bottle of countless ways of use. Poqa will escort your friends forever.

Gourmet and luxurious from the packaging to the content, Poqa olive oil represents the heart of the Mediterranean nutrition in its most selective way. A bottle that captures attention from the first look; a piece of art that decorates your table.

For Celebrating Occasions
Poqa is the ideal present for your friends. Print your name or, even better, your wish on the bottle and make it unique and special, in an irresistible way. You will be recalled in every important occasion, by the time that Poqa will touch the table.

For Professional Occasions
Print your logo or brand name on the bottle and connect your brand with luxury. Show your sincere esteem to your business partners in a luxurious and elegant manner. The bottle will decorate their offices forever; an ideal way to enhance your firm’s reputation.

Luxury, Gourmet or Mediterranean
Create the perfect basket; complete your gift proposal with Poqa. Give identity to your collection and use the bottle to express yourself. Whether alone, or in a basket, Poqa stands out.


The ‘poqa’ olive oil stands out for its rich, fruity and full flavor. The characteristic bitterness, which competes with the spicy flavor are indicative of its excellence. An extra virgin olive oil of superior class,very low in acidity 0.22% produced under the Systems for Good cultivation Practices and Environmental Management that ensure the application of hygiene and traceability systems, resulting in an extra virgin olive oil of exceptional quality and safety.

It comes from some of the oldest olive trees from "Vatsiko", a Koroneiki olive variety; a native, unique variety of olive trees that can be found only in Greece, in specific areas, like Peloponnese and Crete. Koroneiki is famous for its sophisticated aroma, original taste and low acidity. The production processes, is characterized by scientific observation, recording and careful intervention. The harvest process of olives is completed within a day, to ensure quality and taste issues. This way, olive oil is protected from temperature changes and rotting of the fruit after it is collected from the tree.

Poqa brings the authentic flavor of the olive in every dish, along with the smells of nature and complex aromas, features which make such olive oil unique and valuable.

Innovative Packaging:
The unique quality, flavor and brilliant clear green color of this product should be accommodated in a distinctive packaging. The design incorporates graphic symbolism, simple and elegant design approaches, and bold color combinations unlike other olive oil packages. It looks like a cultivator of the earth, who loves and respects his product, has found himself to be also a gifted artist and author.

Particular attention was given to preserving the products’ sensory elements right. By maintaining an even temperature with the use of the isothermal container and protecting it from sunlight or even the touch of the consumer’s hands, Poqa is ready for the moment of its consumption.

With its double insulating material, it is ergonomic for everyday use. The strainer is not embedded directly in oil and is in fact designed to separate materials that can be later added inside the bottle (i.e. Mediterranean spice herbs for aromatic oil, olives or any other use). It is, indeed, an eco-friendly "thermos" bottle.

The materials of this packaging -glass, silicone, stainless steel and bamboo- are perfectly suitable and appropriate for use in food, free of lead and BPA, approved by the U.S. FDA authority.


The innovative packaging of the product offers countless customization options. Elegant letters and logos can be printed in its surface, or even inside the container, making it unique and personalized.

For more details about the customization options, please .


This whole approach could not remain unnoticed by the international food critic community.

The pure, virgin olive oil contained in the package, has been awarded in the world contest Mario Solinas Quality Award from the International Olive Oil Council for 3 consecutive years: 2008, 2009 and 2010, while the renowned German magazine Der Feinschemecker has made special reference to it .

Similarly, in SIAL exhibition 2012 (The Global Food Marketplace), in Paris, POQA has been chosen by SIAL INNOVATION 2012 committee consisted of independent experts in Consumer Goods Products

The journey of the oil, from the moment the olive fruit is ripe to the overwhelming moment rewarding of the farmer’s labors of before an olive press, with the harvest of the year 2011.

The place of origin of "poqa", the packaging, its presence in the market.

Pictures and videos.

Custom-made orders:
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